Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Li'L Guppie Vs. Guppie

The Guppie line of multi-tools from CRKT have a unique feature not found in most multi-tools - an adjustable wrench. The larger full sized Guppie features a larger knife, wrench and interchangeable screwdriver tips plus a removable LED flashlight/screwdriver tip holder.

The Li'L Guppie on the other hand is much smaller and lighter than its larger cousin. It also includes a blade and adjustable wrench but the screwdrivers are limited to one flat head and one Phillips head. No LED flashlight on this smaller Guppie but it does feature a bottle opener which is missing on the larger Guppie.

Both versions of the Guppie include removable pocket clips and a carabiner clip.

Available here:

Li'L Guppie