Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Awesome Aluminum Boxes

Maxi aluminum boxes from Swiss innovators Sigg - Lightweight, highly durable and leak proof thanks to locking top and rubber seal; food-safe coating, (but not a cooking container).

“Cool Stuff” -- Mothering Magazine, July – Aug 2006

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Gifts For the Bacon Lovers

For the bacon lover I can think of no better gift than a nice slab of freshly smoked bacon. But the last time I tried wrapping up a couple pounds of gourmet bacon and putting it under the tree, the dog ripped into in, knocking over the tree and making a huge mess. I was not invited back to that household for a good long while.

But hope is not lost finding the perfect gift for the bacon lover. The following gifts are inspired by that great love we all have for bacon:

Bacon Salt - The perfect seasoning ever! It makes everything tastes like bacon. Just sprinkle it on a cheeseburger and you have a bacon cheeseburger. Put it on salads, potatoes and just about anything. It comes in a sample package of three great flavors.

Bacon Air Freshners - Who wants a pine tree, when you can have something meatier!

This unlikely Bacon Air Freshener is the perfect way to brighten any carnivore's day. Put one up in the family room and everyone will have a sudden craving for a BLT. Each has a handy string for hanging and measures about 4" tall.

Bacon Band-Aids - Next time you beef it skateboarding, wrap that bloody mess in style with these bacon bandages.

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