Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Stunning Hand Painted Bird Feeders

New from Fishboy.com are these beautiful, outdoor themed bird feeders!
These quality-crafted bird feeders come in several designs and are fully functional with a door for adding up to 16 oz of bird seed. They make a unique gift idea for the outdoor enthusiast on your list.

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General Bird Feeder Info

Bird feeders come in just about any shape and size you can possibly imagine, and make a great gift for just about any bird lover. Avoid small, plastic versions in dollar stores and discount stores that may only cost you a few dollars.

Bird feeders come in all colors and designs, and some are made just for a particular kind of bird. Many bird lovers would love a hummingbird feeder, which holds a sugary liquid instead of seeds.

If you are the handy type, go ahead and build one. You may want to see what is on store shelves or look online for inspiration. Be sure that you don’t use any toxic materials when building.