Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Review: Dakota Watch Company Angler II

When you are fishing there are a few items on your person that you don't want to get wet - like your cell phone, GPS unit and certainly your watch.

How many of us have reached in to grab a fish only to cringle as we realize we've just stuck our non-waterproof watch into the water? Right? So the first thing you need a waterproof watch on a waterproof watch band. But maybe your wrist isn't the best place for a watch anyway. How about clipping your watch somewhere higher up then the top of your waders?

That's just one of the many features of the Dakota Angler II watch. It doesn't go on your wrist it clips on where you want it. This watch really is the swiss army knife of watches. Just look at some of the other fisherman inspired features. It includes an integrated hook sharpener to keep your fly hooks sharp, it has an attached set of handy stainless steel nippers.

Its water resistant to 100 feet which is required in any fishing watch. It has an alarm, stopwatch and date with lighted digital display. A cool integrated Celcius / Fahrenheit Thermometer - handy for taking water temperatures and get this -- a built in compass. Hey you never know. The batteries on your GPS might die and it can be awfully expensive to call for help.

So is that it? Actually there is one more killer feature for helping you find your way back to the car after dusk - a built in ultra bright L.E.D microlight.

They thought of everything except a pair of pliers with this baby!


Fishing Watches Make Great Fishing Gifts

Shopping for your fishing fanatic brother? Fishing Dad for Father's Day or maybe your fishing nut son-in-law? Nothing makes a better gifts than a new watch designed with fishing in mind.

There are quite a few great fishing watches on the market as manufacturer's wake up to the fact that angler's want and need quality timepieces with their sport in mind. Some things to consider when shopping for the perfect watch:

1. Waterproofing or water resistance - This is the most important feature a fishing watch can provide since "duh" the angler will be around, on and in water while pursuing their sport.

2. Features - after water resistance features such as hook sharpeners, alarms, depth gauges and even electronic fish finders are important considerations. The alarms I'm going to describe in this article have an amazing array of features aimed at anglers. Of course the more features usually the larger the watch and the price. Pick only the features you need if you are on a budget.

3. Style - Function or style? The following fishing watches range from purely functional for when the fisherman is right in the action, to more stylish watches to wear perhaps to the fishing club meetings or out to dinner. The Dakota Silver Angler fits the bill here. A stylish watch with water resistant features but not a lot else except for great looks.

4. Price - For only the lucky few, price is not object. For the rest of us we want to get the most for our money. Fortunely most of these feature rich fishing watches can be had for less then $100. Some for even less than $50.

Dakota Watch Company

The Dakota Watch Company has been in the watch business since 1945. They sell an impressive line of watches packed with features for anglers. Their line includes the classic Angler with black rubber band, the fancier Silver Angler and the mindblowing multifunctional Angler II, and the Angler III reviewed below.

Dakota Silver Angler Watch

The best selling line of fishing watches, "Angler" features a classic look for fishermen. The Silver Angler is the newest member of the Angler Family boast an oversized sleek new 39mm Solid Stainless Steel Case. As with the other members of the Angler Family of wristwatches, the series feature a Moonglow Dial and a Water Resistant Band.

Dakota Watch Company ANGLER III

Not too often you see a product review on something other then items directly used to put a fly in front of the fish but this one has got to be seen. I recently had the pleasure of receiving what has to be the coolest tool for flyfishermen I have seen in a long time. From the Dakota Watch Company, who are renowned back east for making amazing time pieces, comes the ANGLER III.

When I received the watch, or should I say flyfishing tool with a nice watch neatly tucked into it, I was very impressed. Lightweight and handsome to boot. I was surprised at the amount of helpful tools that could be included in this compact package. Below is a list taken direct from the company;

• Integrated Hook Sharpener
• Attached Stainless Steel Nippers
• Integrated Retrac Mechanism
• 100 Feet Water Resistant
• Powerful LED Microlight
• "Cuff Clip" with "Audible Security Click"
• Black Moonlglow Electro Luminescent Dial
• Plastic and Aluminum Construction
• Silver Accents on Black Case
• Calendar Display
• Integrated Superior Compass
• Oversized EZ Touch Buttons
• Luminescent Hands and Hour Markers

Like I said, it has it all. The clip is like those ones you use for rock climbing and is very secure. I would not worry one bit about this one coming off as it is very well made. There is a great zinger that has what feels like the perfect tension and retracts faithfully even after a thousand pulls. Add to this zinger the great pair of nippers that come with the package and you have a winner. There is also a compass tucked in there that is exact in it's directions. I for one need this as I tend to get myself lost in the Uintas, ALL THE TIME!!! The Watch is small enough to not be obtrusive but large enough to view with a quick glance. Has a very nice moonglow function for use at night. Also in there is a very handy LED light for those night fishing escapades. On the side is the hook sharpener which I did not get to utilize as of yet but can say it is very strategic and out of the way. You would not even know it exists until you go looking for it.

I just have to say, this is one that I can say will help each one of us to stay organized and safe. It will assist in the area it is designed for perfectly and hey, it is another piece of gear!! You know we like gear. The watch of course is waterproof and I don't think anyone is capable of getting this one to leak, especially not at the depths we utilize it in, and that is good because I tend to "swim" frequently on my outings. This watch alone is a great deal at the MSRP of $65.00 but it even comes with a great fly box. The box is completely waterproof and floats so it could also be used to keep those valuables safe and dry on the trips. Deep enough to fit a camera or your wallet and keys. On Sale Here